April 18, 2023

xDebug alternative

xDebug alternative

xDebug is currently the most popular extension that developers use to debug PHP code. It is very convenient because programmers get much more information about errors. However, despite its many pluses, xDebug also has shortcomings which you will read about in this article.

It is also important to understand that xDebug and Streply have slightly different uses and that the use of both solutions in a project is not mutually exclusive and is even advisable. Streply is not necessarily a replacement for xDebug, but will be an ideal extension of its capabilities.

Why choose Streply vs. xDebug

  xDebug Streply
Easy installation -
Collaborations -
Store data in external database -
Track logs and activities -
Performance -
Connection with your users -
Events explorer -
Full history -
Alerts -

Easy installation

xDebug is an extension that is installed on the server. To install it, you need to be familiar with server configuration or have a professional administrator do it. Streply is a library written in PHP. With extensions to PHP and to the Laravel and Symfony frameworks, it takes the developer 2-3 minutes to install in a project.


The idea behind Streply is not only to capture bugs, but also to enable your team to work with them. Simply displaying a bug will make it easier for a developer to work on it, but it certainly doesn't affect the collaboration of the whole team. In Streply, you can assign tasks and comment on them. All to make working on your software even more enjoyable.

Store data in external database

All errors and logs that your application sends to Streply will be stored in an external database. In the event of crashes or server problems, you do not lose access to information about what happened and what the problem is. This not only increases the security of your application, but also gives the developer a great deal of independence and freedom.

Track logs and activities

Streply is not just about bugs. To build even better apps, Streply allows you to upload logs and activity. So you can analyse how your app works and how users use it. Everything to make your app even better.


Smooth operation and security is one thing, but the speed of your application is also very important. Streply allows you to measure and analyse the loading time of your programme. Both entire modules and individual, smaller pieces of code. Thanks to the performance module, finding bottlenecks and performance problems is extremely easy.

Connection with your users

To further analyse the process that led to a particular error, Streply ties the error information to the logged-in user information in your application. With this feature, you can view which users have experienced errors and how they are using your app.

Events explorer

Thanks to the fact that Streply stores all sent events, you can use the event explorer to browse and search all the events that your application has sent. No more browsing through huge files with thousands of lines of code. The advanced search engine will allow you to find what you are looking for quickly and without technical knowledge.

Full history

Errors recur and it is useful to know when an error occurs again. Streply not only gives you access to the full occurrence history of each error, but will also signal you when an error that has already been fixed returns. Not only can you see when a particular error occurred, but you can also check whether the application is working as it should and, for example, whether commands running in the background have been started.


There is no problem if the error occurs locally to the programmer. The programmer will know what the problem is and will either fix it immediately or save it to the taskbar. The problem, however, is when the problem occurs at the user's site in the production version. Not only should the user not be able to see the content of the error, but he or she will probably not notify you and will quit the application. With Streply, you get a notification as soon as an error matching the set criteria occurs. Even if the situation occurred in a process running in the background.

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