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Streply supports Laravel 11!

Streply supports Laravel 11!

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Today, a new Laravel framework version is out. It has many updates, mainly to the project structure. We'll talk in another article about what's new in Laravel 11, but Streply now supports it. See how to use Streply with a Laravel 11 project.


The first step is to download the streply/streply-laravel package using the composer.

composer require streply/streply-laravel

Then enable capturing exception in bootstrap/app.php:

use Illuminate\Foundation\Application;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Configuration\Exceptions;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Configuration\Middleware;
return Application::configure(basePath: dirname(__DIR__))
        web: __DIR__.'/../routes/web.php',
        commands: __DIR__.'/../routes/console.php',
        health: '/up',
    ->withMiddleware(function (Middleware $middleware) {
    ->withExceptions(function (Exceptions $exceptions) {
        $exceptions->reportable(static function (Throwable $exception) {

The final step is to add the configuration to the .env file using the streply:publish command.

php artisan streply:publish

That's it! Now you can easily catch errors in your Laravel 11 project :)

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