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Dont miss any bugs 🐛
in your code

Work with errors and manage logs in your code like a pro.

Catch all issues

Our client will automatically catch all errors that occur in your application. Even the ones that happen in the background.

Work with them

All bugs are automatically grouped into unique issues where you will find all information about the bug and its occurrences.

Analyze your app

You can also explore logs, improve speed and analyze the behavior of your application. And all in the background, just install Streply!


See, how Streply will improve you work


Streply is software for bugs and logs tracking in projects with alerts when something happens in your apps. Further, you can improve performance and analyze, what users do in your apps.

  • Issues

    Our API will automatically catch all errors that occur in your application and then create unique issues from them for developers.
  • Logs

    With a search engine, browse and analyze logs like a pro. View and analyze live logs, track occurrence history and save searches. Handling logs has never been easier.
  • Commands

    Streply automatically collects information about what is happening in the background. Analyse which URLs and endpoints of your application have errors, how fast they work and how often users use them.
  • Performance

    We analyze the performance of your entire application, but you can also measure individual pieces of code separately, and we will automatically identify parts of your app whose loading times are higher than expected.
  • Alerts

    We will notify you straight away if there is a problem or an unexpected situation so that you can respond immediately.

An unexpected challenge? No problem. Our uptime is 99.9%

Bad things happen, and we know it. Streply will send all requests to the external database. It will enable you to access your logs and issues even when your app is down.

Sounds great, right?

"I can recommend Streply to any programmer who needs a tool to improve work with errors, quick access to logs, and notification when a problem occurs."

Konrad Miszkurka
Konrad Miszkurka
PHP Developer

"Working on many projects, I use Streply to have all bugs and logs in one place. And thanks to notifications, I won't miss any errors."

Norbert Bylak
Norbert Bylak
Front-end Developer
try { if(true) { throw new SomeException('Exception message here'); } } catch(\Throwable $exception) { Streply\Exception($exception); }

How to install

Simple installation

Installing Streply is very easy, regardless of the structure of your project. It only takes three simple steps and just five minutes to activate Streply in your project.

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You only pay for what you use

Our payments are extremely simple, you only pay for as many requests as you send. You are not interested in anything else.

For developers with love ❤️

The most advantageous plan prepared by developers specially for developers 🙂

Whats included

  • 100k requests monthly usage
  • 14 days of logs retention
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users

Monthly price


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